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Couples + Engagements


If you are here..... there is usually a reason.

I feel like I need to say Congratulations!

Whatever the reason, let's have some fun.

These sessions are all about fun even though you may be thinking romance. I might drag you out into the water at the beach in Half Moon Bay or out on the cliffs. Maybe we are sneaking onto some property that I love to shoot on that has the most amazing view of the city.

You guys name it and we will do it to showcase your love. Because that it what we are celebrating. These sessions are also not just a few pretty shots in a cute outfit. I am passionate about capturing you as a couple.

Imagine this-We photograph you in your nice outfits to get that one and done in case one of you is not to keen on the idea. Then we get on the ground with FIDO if he is invited to the party. Followed up with whatever Props we brought. A picnic? Rollerskating, because that is how you met when you crashed into each other? Or an ice cream at a very cool vintage shop?

You are going to get a BUNCH of images and I always, always, always do new Head shots for Both of you!

This is also the very best gift ever for a birthday or Mothers Day or Fathers Day!

I follow the session up with some Sneek Peeks! 

Couple Sessions 

$350 +

All inclusive

60-90min Lifestyle session at a few locations

Multiple Outfit Changes with Tent

"props" included to be discussed

Have referrals for hair and make up

Custom announcements can be created & delivered to your door.

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