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  • Are there any additional fees?
    There are no additional or hidden fees. Sessions are all-inclusive and includes traveling within 20 miles of the 94025 area code. Let’s chat though-maybe I want to go on a little road trip! If you have something specific that you want included in your session-just ask. You will probably be surprised that it is already included.
  • Do you offer prints?
    Yes! You will receive your online gallery and will also have the option to purchase prints, canvases and albums. If there is one piece of advice you accept from any photographer... it would be to purchase your printed items directly through your photographer as they work with professional photo labs where human eyes view your products. I encourage you to purchase art instead of paper.
  • What is your turnaround time?
    My time to deliver your images is usually 3 weeks.
  • I don’t want posed shots
    The way I shoot is I find that if I direct when needed it actually relaxes you and helps you find the most flattering pose. When I work with families, I will usually let you come together as a group naturally and then fine tune you “just a bit”. Once you are together-that is when the fun begins. We start chatting, telling jokes, it's always different-but the portraits only start once you're focused on one another.
  • Can you tell us a little bit about some of your locations you offer? Are you willing to come to a location that we like?
    Of course! Our beautiful Bay Area is bursting with possibilities that I can recommend. I like to choose our session location depending on your style, what you are going to do with your photos and ages of any littles and dogs. Of course now with all of our lovely current restrictions things might change at a moment's notice. I am happy to consider any location. It just needs to meet certain criteria. Light, accessibility, public traffic, aesthetics. Let’s chat though-if a location has meaning for you, I will do my best!
  • Do you offer Wardrobe Assistance?
    Yes! What you wear sets the tone for your session and will help you pull your own look together for your pictures. I have developed a strong system for working with what you already have in your closets, eliminating any need to shop for something new. The process is quick, easy and painless!
  • Can we bring our pets to our session?
    Yup! I would be sad if you didn’t.
  • Are we able to pick which images we want or I remember a certain pose that we did, but I don’t see it in my delivered images?"
    A ridiculous amount of images are taken during your session and during the editing session, each one is put through a strict selection process. Only the images that I feel meet my standards are released to clients and social media. This also applies to RAW or unedited files as this is not a representation of my final work.
  • Please explain how this works with my images, I really receive the download along with the session?"
    You sure do! Included in your session fee, are 25+ guaranteed (usually more) High Resolution Images, Wardrobe Styling and Full Service from start to finish. This means consulting on all aspects of your photography needs. For example, I will edit your image to a 5x7 if you want a year later for that Birthday Party Invitation- just ask.
  • When is the best time to take pictures?
    There is no perfect time-but if you wanted some guidelines... Before Sunset, which would mean the session would start about 1.5 hours before the start of sunset or morning around 9 or 10am. This is when I like to shoot. With kiddo’s, we can do around 4:00ish time frame after naptime. There is always an exception to this rule depending on what location I am using, I am shooting at different times of the day.
  • Do I offer Mini Sessions?
    Yes- I will be offering Mini Sessions! Here is the surprise! If you have read this far... Special 2021 Pricing! I will be offering Full Service Sessions for $300 These are just like a Full Session but just a bit quicker about 30-45min. I am looking to book this in May so book quickly!
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