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headshots + branding


Regardless of the option you choose, I still research the job you are starting, I will ask for the website to prepare photograph you.


We will be Outdoors at one of my spots around the Bay Area that I have specifically chosen for Head shots. Why? They are private. Very few folks walking around. A lot of great "backdrops" all in one location and also close to some nature.

We will chat. We will chat about why you are having your picture taken and what you are using it for. We will talk about wardrobe and what you should really be wearing in 2022 and why. YOU, really just need to show up.

If we are doing more than option one.. and we are changing-I have a tent.

If we are shooting your products- I will answer all of your questions.

Yes, I can come to your place of business and shoot all of your products and all of your employees.

Yes, I edit all my images and "fix" stuff. If we need to do more than my normal editing-we will send it out and talk about that fee. Not that much! Ok, let's chat!

Option 1


  • If you are looking for a new image that you can use across the board with usually 20 options this is the package for you.

  • Plan on spending about 10-15 min with me, you will have one wardrobe option and we will meet at one of my Menlo Park Locations.  

  • You will walk away with a solid 10 images that are web/social media formatted in an easy to use gallery with ongoing assistance.

Option 2

$starting at $350

  • An individual who is looking for more than just a few great face pics-maybe more of a branding session and wants numerous outfit changes and settings.

  • This kind of session is great for someone who is changing careers, writing a book, who might have gone through a recent life change and wants some new photos-or if you are rebranding yourself for your business-this is the session for you! 

  • We usually shoot outdoors at one of my locations that I specifically use for these sessions or at your place of business where I will also incorporate your shop, store and or product

  • We will talk about you, what you really want these images to do for you. And I will help with every step of the process from Wardrobe, make up and shoes.... all the way to body posture, confidence and what the heck branding really is.

  • We take all the time we need! Changing will (not) be a problem. We will spend time talking about what is important to capture in these images and why.

  • You will receive your images in web files and I can work with you on whatever you might need for marketing. 

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