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Modern Styling for Pictures and Why You Should Explore the Client Closet


So you’ve booked a session. Yay! Now, you start thinking about what you might wear, what the family may wear and think “Jen’s client closet isn’t really my style - what I have will work fine.”

The Importance of Styling

Have you been there? Have you thought whether or not you should all match or what colors will look best? How many holidays have you frantically rushed around trying to find outfits for your family, spending hundreds of dollars, only to hear them complain about wearing the clothes all the way to the location? Often once the photos come back, you may be disappointed with how you, your partner or your kids looked. Either because you were uncomfortable in a new outfit, disliked your old outfit, or simply did not feel “good” in what you were wearing. 

Picture this instead…you have a quick, casual chat with me on the phone. I get an idea of what you and your family wears on a daily basis, what you would wear to a nice event, and what you might be envisioning. We talk about your general style as a couple, the vibe as a family, and then the mood of your home. Why? These images will hang in your house (at least that’s my hope!), and we want them to align with your style.

We talk about location, too and once we have that decided along with the type of session, we can pull up my client closet online to review wardrobe possibilities. Another option is to meet in-person so that I can pull items for you and put together full outfits for the whole family.

If we’re not able to complete full outfits for everyone between my closet and what you have on hand, I’ll provide you with an exact list of what to purchase and where. Yes, I can always purchase for you!

Styling is about looking cohesive and that you belong in the environment you’re in. A good photographer will know how to elevate the styling on each individual to bring out their true style and personality in the images. That is why I love offering this service to my clients as part of my entire experience.

Exploring the Client Closet

I’ll be honest - you will rarely catch me in a dress, but I will always wear one when being photographed. Bending, squatting or lifting our arms is not always flattering in jeans or pants. But all of my dresses are extremely forgiving and create beautiful movement perfect for photographs.


The client closet is always included in your session! The purpose is to make the entire experience easier for you, your family, and most importantly for you to feel your absolute best. 

girl in white dress

Most of my dresses are all handmade from We are Reclamation with soft fabrics that are lightweight and flow with your body. These dresses accommodate every body style, multiple sizes, and are extremely flattering. I provide bodysuits, hats, belts, and layering. My other dresses, robes, skirts are primarily Anthropologie and Free People. All dresses are appropriate for Maternity and Non Maternity, and the pieces are timeless with just the right “pop.”

My dresses, skirts, and sweaters for girls are a mixture of brands and provide the same level of texture, colors, and flow. For men and boys, I am usually able to put together their wardrobe from a few pieces in their own closets.

The most important thing we go over is everyone's comfort. You will be walking, sitting, snuggling, and playing. I always encourage you to include something you love, and there is no limit on wardrobe changes. So please, bring something you really want to wear!

Most photographers do not have wardrobes for their clients. I am lucky enough to have an extensive closet that I have curated over the last few years for all of my clients to use and enjoy. I am continually adding to it and just started falling in love with some vintage pieces. You can see this quirky Betsey Johnson dress is a stunning, pink ruffled piece that screams spring.

girl in yellow dress in garden with yellow flowers

I let my own style and gut dictate what I buy. It is very diverse and eclectic, and everyone usually finds something to fall in love with. I’m also constantly asking my clients what they want to see in the closet, and will sometimes purchase an item for a specific session.

Offering wardrobe advice is a specialized service. It is really about listening to my clients and the vision they have for their photographs.

Here's the difference: the experience of just shooting you and your family in a park versus my experience where we celebrate that you bought your first house together, the kids are in school, and your partner got a promotion. Maybe you don’t have an extra budget for all new outfits, so I put you in a beautiful gown, style your family in shorts they already own, and send you the link to several shirt options from Old Navy. We shoot on the front porch (barefoot), and because the kids are cranky walk down to the local ice cream shop. These are the photographs that tell the story of a special time in your lives. And I hope to be the one on the other end of the lens so you can enjoy them for years to come.

girl in orange dress for maternity photos

girl in pink dress and boots near pond

girl with baby bump in white lace


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