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What are Milestone Sessions and Isn't a Newborn Session Enough?


I started thinking about how I wanted to share some of my thoughts when I was photographing Baby Kennedy at her 3 month Milestone Session in the studio. Her mom was not able to schedule a Maternity Session but we did connect for the sweetest in-home lifestyle newborn session.

With so much happening after welcoming a new family member or (two), believe me, I understand it is a lot when there are so many options for photography of your baby and family. With a Maternity Session, Fresh 48 in the hospital and finally a Newborn Session… that is a lot of photos and a lot of money.

The first important thing to remember about Newborns is that during those first few weeks and months, you as parents are exhausted and will barely remember those day-to-day changes of your baby. Documenting your baby and your family during this time is a wonderful investment. With that being said, it does not have to be as financially difficult as you might think.

My goal as a family photographer is to meet my clients when they are expecting (or of course earlier) and become your family photographer so that I can document every stage of your life. 

It is a wonderful relationship to have when you can just text me, say you have an event coming up, and know that you don’t even have to go over details because I’m familiar with your family, your home and your likes and dislikes.

I often get asked about how many sessions families should do with the baby and when are the right times. Parents want to know if it needs to be exactly every 3, 6, 9 months and a year. And what if their baby can’t lift his head at 3 months or is not yet sitting at 6 months?

It does not need to be set in stone! Think about these sessions as your baby's milestone sessions, and when your baby reaches the milestone, then we can capture them.

So, how can we make this a seamless and affordable process?

I want you to have photographs of your family, and I want it to be as easy as possible. Instead of booking and paying full price for each session up-front, I have decided to offer Newborn Year pricing.

This simply means you purchase the entire series as a package with a steep discount, and you are able to pay either upfront or in a variety of installments.

This package includes Maternity, Fresh 48, Newborn, Studio 3mo, Studio 6mo, Studio 9mo and Studio 1 year.  

By offering this package, I hope to offer my families beautiful photography that is accessible. Our littles change every single day, and there is nothing more amazing than to look back and cherish those fleeting moments.


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